How to choose a cosmetic surgeon in Delhi?

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is difficult especially when you have no idea how to go about it. One thing which can determine the success of the procedure you are considering is the choice of the cosmetic surgeon in Delhi.  if the results of the procedure are successful then you will start feeling more like yourself and will experience greater confidence for many years to come. Contrary to it, if you end up choosing an inexperienced surgeon then chances are that you will have poor results. This is why choice of surgeon has an extremely important role to play in determining the success and result of the cosmetic procedure.

Listed below are a few key points that you should consider before choosing a cosmetic surgeon.

Experience and expertise in the procedure you want

Significance of board certification and specialization in cosmetic surgery is known to all and sundry. However, not many know that there are plastic surgeon experts for the subspecialties too. There are different procedures within this field. You should look for a surgeon who has expertise in the procedure you want to undergo. This is primarily because each area of the plastic surgery needs different skills – you can imagine how operating on breast which made of glandular and soft tissues would be different from operating on a nose with breathing passages, cartilage and bone.  So, along with board certification, you should also look for the specialty of the surgeon.


It is a known fact that what appears beautiful to one might appear ugly to the other. That is why it becomes extremely important to look for a cosmetic surgeon who can share your aesthetic sensibility.

It is because of this reason that you cannot only trust your friends or relatives recommendation alone or depend entirely on the experience of the cosmetic surgeon. Look for the results of the cosmetic procedures he or she has performed. The results make a lot of difference in the choice of a surgeon.

In addition to these two factors, there are several important points such as facility and equipment at the clinic and hygiene level also play a crucial role in choosing a specialist cosmetic surgeon.

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