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Breast Reduction Surgery in Gurgaon (Gurugram), Delhi NCR

The main goal of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size of your breasts and reshaping them in a way that they appear proportionate to the rest of your body. Having excessively large breast can trigger pain and discomfort. This procedure has multiple benefits making it one of the most preferred plastic surgery procedures among women across the globe.

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What is a Breast Reduction Surgery?

A breast reduction is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in which excess tissue, skin, and fat are removed for reducing the breast size. This procedure can help in relieving the strain triggered by the overly large sized breasts. Moreover, it helps women feel less self-conscious about their appearance and enjoy a youthful-looking bust line. If you are suffering from discomfort and pain because of excessively large breasts then breast reduction is the right surgery for you.

Why undergo a breast reduction surgery?

Macro-Mastia and breast hypertrophy is considered as the leading cause of breast reduction surgery in Gurgaon (Gurugram), Delhi. Listed below are some other reasons for women to undergo this procedure:

  • Heavy breasts triggering shoulder, back and neck pain
  • Heavy breasts make the areolas and nipples point downwards
  • One breast is larger than the other
  • Breasts frames that are excessively large for the body frame causing poor posture
  • Heavy disproportionate breasts can make a woman unhappy and conscious with self-image
  • Irritation and skin infection under the breast fold and crease

Surgical Methods

Anchor Pattern Incision – It is the most common method for performing breast reduction surgery because maximum reduction is possible with it. In this method, the incisions run horizontally under the crease of the breast continuing vertically to the nipple and runs around them giving this incision an anchor pattern. The disadvantage is that it is an extremely invasive technique.

Vertical Incisions – This method of making incisions causes less scarring so that you can have more curvaceous looks however this is only suitable for moderate breast reduction Gurugram & Delhi. It is also known as short-scar reduction or LeJour breast reduction. The incisions run around the areola followed by downwards vertically to the crease of the breast.

Liposuction Breast Reduction – This technique is ideal for removing excess fat deposits from the breast because tissue content is more in a breast. The skin recovers over the period giving a natural appearance and the sensation nipple and ability to breastfeed is not compromised.

How is the procedure performed?

Much before the surgery, the plastic surgeon would discuss the entire procedure, its pros, and cons in detail with you. The initial examination and investigation would help him or her understand if you are the right candidate for this procedure. It takes nearly two to three hours to complete the procedure depending on each case. Some patients might also prefer undergoing a combination of other procedures, like a breast lift, at the same time. This would increase the duration of the surgery. Here is a glance at how the surgery would be performed.

Anesthesia – The entire surgery is performed under general anesthesia so that a patient is completely asleep during it. The surgery is considered an outpatient procedure. However, in some cases, a patient has to spend a day or two in the hospital.

Incision – The surgeon would make an incision using any one of the three methods – an anchor pattern incision – Traditional incision that is made around the areola going vertically down the breast then horizontally along the crease; a vertical incision – it is made around the areola and goes vertical down the breast causing less scarring; or a scar less incision – these are the tiny incisions made at the breast crease or the armpit and liposuction is performed for removing fat deposits.

Breast Reduction – Any excess skin, tissue and fat deposits are removed from the lower part of the breast. Women who have deposits of fat tissue in the breasts might just need liposuction for reducing the breast size leading to less scarring, less possibility of a complication and less breast trauma.

Nipple Placement – During the procedure, the nipple would be repositioned higher up on the breast. the surgeon might or might not remove the nipple from the breast before grafting it in the right place. Generally, it is the women with larger breasts that need nipple to be removed and repositioned. The surgeon would inform the patient if there would be lost in the nipple sensation.

Closing Incisions – The surgeon would close the incision using sutures. Different types of methods might be used for closing the incisions and these would be discussed before the procedure.


You can expect to feel moderate to severe pain for two to three days after the procedure. the discomfort and pain can be easily controlled with the medications. The dressing would be removed in about five to six days and stitches a week after the procedure. You can get back to normal activities with caution within ten days and strenuous activities after six to eight weeks.


The results of the procedure are great as women can get rid of the chronic shoulder, back and neck pain. Also, you will notice a great improvement in your appearance.