New Delhi, India

Upper Lip Shortening

As the time passes by , each part of our body ages and the signs of ageing starts appearing. Just like any other body part, even lips tend to wilt and droop. The primary issue is the degrading condition of the skin tissue and structure around the lips. Along with this, volume loss also contributes to the ill-shape of your lips. At Viva Esthetique, we understand this problem and thus offer different types of lip procedures to beautify your smile. Upper lip shortening procedure can make a huge difference to the appearance of your lips.

During the upper lip lift procedure, excess skin is removed in the upper lip area to shorten its vertical length. To achieve the desired measurement, one of two techniques can be performed. The first involves an incision made along the red lip border (lip roll), where a small section of the skin is then removed. As a result, the upper lip is elevated and shortened. However, this technique can cause a scar to be prominent in some patients. The second popular approach involves creating an incision under the nose where it meets the upper lip. This is known as subnasale upper lip lift because the incison is made beneath the nose. It is also called bull horn lip lift on the basis of the shape of the actual incision used for the lift.

Once the excess amount of skin is removed, the cosmetic surgeon lifts the upper lip by suturing the cut edges together. It is important to close the incisions in layers. In other words, it is vital that incisions are made deep below the skin for providing adequate strength for the lip to maintain proper shape and function. Once the deep sutures are made, the skin edges are carefully aligned to make incisions as least visible as possible.

At Viva Esthetique, we make sure that our patients feel comfortable and relaxed while undergoing upper lip shortening procedure. You can schedule an appointment with us to learn more about this cosmetic procedure.