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Body contouring surgery has emerged as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. It encompasses several different body sculpting methods for reshaping almost any part of the body. Through the process of body sculpting surgery, patients can easily eliminate excess deposits of skin and fat that are unresponsive to exercise and diet. This surgery has helped many people achieve correct body shape and size.

Some of the most common body contouring procedures are

Arm lift

– Also known as brachiaplasty, it helps in getting rid of sagging of the upper arms

Face lift

– Involves correction of thesagging neck, jowls and mid-face .

Tummy tuck

– Medically known as abdominoplasty, it is performed for eliminating deposits of excess skin, fat and tissue hanging over the abdomen. It tightens the abdominal muscles and gives a toned appearance to the abdomen.

Medial thigh lift

– It is performed for correcting the sagging of inner thigh

Breast lift

–Also known as mastopexy, it aims at improving flattened and sagging breasts

Lower body lift

– It corrects sagging of the outer and the inner thighs, abdomen and buttocks


Medications are administered for the comfort of the patient d uring the surgical procedure. Either general anesthesia or local anesthesia is administered. The doctor would recommend the best for you.


Almost all body contouring methods need large incisions for removing deposits of excess fat and skin. Usually, the pattern and length of the incisions depend on the location and amount of the fat deposits and skin to be removed along with the personal choice of the cosmetic surgeon. Mostly the incisions are placed at such locations which makes it possible to hide them with clothing, however this is not always the case.

It is important for patients to note that body contouring procedures are performed in stages. The goals and condition of a patient and the judgment of the surgeon would influence the entire surgical plan.