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What is a Breast Lift?

With the natural process of aging, our skin starts to lose its elasticity. Consequently, many women notice a change in the appearance of their breasts. Women who have smaller breasts might notice a subtle change in their breasts as they start to droop slightly downward. Those who have larger breasts might notice sagging and a significant change in shape. This is exactly where a plastic surgery procedure like a breast lift can come to your rescue. It is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures. It allows women to achieve sensuous contours by uplifting sagging breasts and giving them youthful, perkier projection. The results are immediate with women looking fitter and younger and feeling more confident and attractive. Without any doubt, a breast lift is a perfect solution for any woman whose breasts have started to droop.


The type of procedure depends largely on the amount of loose skin, the severity of the sagging and the patient’s preference.

Inverted T Incision

Also known as the anchor incision, it is made around the areola and runs vertically downward to the crease of the breast, and then horizontally along the breast. the only disadvantage with this incision is more scarring however can be used for treating severe sagging as with significant weight loss. Generally, it is used in combination with breast reduction in Gurgaon (Gurugram), Delhi NCR.

Vertical Incision

Also known as lollypop or the keyhole incision, it runs around the areola, and then vertically downwards the breast crease. This incision is used for treating moderate sagging.

Peri-areolar Incision

Peri-areolar incision, also known as Benelli lift or donut incision, it runs along the perimeter of the areola. The surgeon removes the skin as a circular strip in the form of a donut. The formation of the scar is minimal in this technique and lifting is less. It is performed in conjunction with implants.

Crescent Incision

This type of incision runs in a crescent shape above the areola and the skin is removed. The new line of skin is reattached to the areola. This method is apt for treating mild cases of sagging. This type of incision is used in conjunction with breast augmentation.

Closing the Incisions

To make sure that skin is in place and for retaining the new shape of your breasts; your plastic surgeon would place several sutures, extending into the deeper tissues of the breasts. Many surgeons use traditional sutures, and you would require them to get it removed in a week or ten days after the surgery. However, some surgeons use dissolvable stitches, made with the materials that can be easily absorbed by the body.

Compression garments and bandages

To help in recovery, the surgeon would bandage your breasts. You will also have to wear a bra or compression garment. Make sure that you limit the movements of your breasts so that the compression garment is in place. It will help in maintaining the new shape. Also, these garments help in minimizing discomfort and would prevent your incisions from opening up.

Your surgeon might also place drains under the skin for eliminating excess fluid and reducing bruising and swelling. The placement of drainage tubes varies from doctor to doctor. If your surgeon recommends the use of these devices, make sure you keep them clean and change them, as advised by the doctor. You will have a limited or little range of movement for a few initial days. Thus, you might want someone who can help you change your drains and help in keeping bandages dry and clean.


You have to stay at the hospital for one to two days under the medical supervision post-surgery. You would experience swelling, discomfort and slight pain with bruising in the breast during the initial few days after the procedure. You might be asked to return to normal activities in about ten to fifteen days. Make sure that you avoid rigorous activities such as lifting heavy objects, sports, and gym that can cause strain or pressure on the surgical site for at least eight weeks. You have to wear a special bra for the first weeks after the surgery


The results of the surgery are excellent. You can expect to have perkier and fuller breasts that sit high on the chest. Most women find it easy to wear clothes of their choice without feeling embarrassed. You will notice a boost in your self-confidence and self-esteem.