New Delhi, India

Arm Lift Surgery in Gurgaon (Gurugram), Delhi

If you have sagging skin on your upper arms then you are an ideal candidate for Brachioplasty or an arm lift surgery in Gurugram, Delhi. During this surgical procedure, the plastic surgeon would trim away hanging skin and remove stubborn fat deposits. Then the doctor would pull up your skin taut so that it conforms to the newly achieved contours of your arm. The results of this surgery are pleasing making you look more youthful and fitter, with arms that are proportion with the rest of your body.

Brachioplasty might be an option if you have lost a significant amount of weight post-bariatric surgery or due to exercise and diet. It can also help in treating aging signs in your upper arms. There are several surgical methods used to perform an arm lift surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon would help you choose the right technique based on the natural arm contours and cosmetic goals. Irrespective of the type of arm lift surgery you choose, the treatment can give stunning results. Like many men and women, you can discover a subtle change in the overall appearance of your arms that transforms your personality.

How is the arm lift surgery done?

Generally, this is what you can expect during the arm lift surgery in Gurgaon, Delhi.

  • The surgeon would make markings on your armpits, arms, and elbows. The direction, length, and location of these incision lines would be dictated by the type of arm lift you will receive.
  • It is performed under either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation based on the preference of the surgeon.
  • The surgeon will then make incisions for removing excess fat deposits and skin.
  • The incisions might be extended down the inside of the arms or concealed within the armpits in the most discreet areas possible.
  • The cosmetic surgeon might also use liposuction as an adjunct for removing excess fat and skin.
  • Now the surgeon will remove excess fat and skin through the incisions and bring the incisions together for providing a smoother and firmer contour.
  • Finally, the skin is smoothed over the new arm contour.
  • The surgeon would close the incisions with great care for minimizing scarring. Sutures might be placed below the skin where the body will gradually absorb them.
  • A sterile dressing will be applied and drains are placed. You might also have to wear a compression garment.

The main goal of the aesthetic cosmetic surgeon and the staff is to make you comfortable before, during and after the procedure, and help you achieve the best results.


The results of the arm lift surgery are excellent and are visible right after the procedure. However, it might take two to three months after the surgery to see the best results, once all swelling has gone. You will notice that your arms appear more toned and significantly slimmer after two to three months. If you maintain a stable and healthy weight, the results of the surgery can last for a lifetime. However, it is important to note that skin would lose some elasticity with the aging process.


It is impossible to perform full arm lift surgery without leaving a scar. The cosmetic surgeon works hard to conceal the scar as much as possible. It will take nearly a year for the scar to fade. Most patients who have had undergone arm lift surgery feel that the benefits outweigh the scars left behind post-surgery.


After Brachioplasty surgery, you can expect to experience some soreness and inflammation. You will experience pain and discomfort that can be controlled with prescribed medication. To minimize and reduce swelling, you should sleep and sit with your arms elevated. Make sure you clean your surgical drains and change your bandages, as instructed by the doctor. You have to take sponge baths for the first few days post-surgery.

Return to normal and strenuous activities as suggested by the surgeon. Generally, you have to avoid all kinds of rigorous and strenuous activities for six to eight weeks after the arm lift surgery. Follow-up appointments with the surgeon are essential. At each of these appointments, the surgeon would guide you for faster recovery. By adhering to these directions, you can ensure reduced swelling, fast healing, and overall better results.